• Amelie 'Collector's Cabinet' Wall Shelves - Large

    Amelie 'Collector's Cabinet' Wall Shelves - Large Buy Now at Amazon

    A large display cabinet for your wall with a wall fixing included, the front of the cabinet has a bevelled wooden frame and is painted white with perspex safety glass inside so whilst having a brilliantly clear display window the glass won't cause injury if it breaks as its clear perspex plastic.

    There are three shelves inside which are adjustable and can accommodate any size of trophies, photographs and frame or certificates indeed whatever it is you have in mind to store in a large cabinet will fit in this cabinet because you can easily adjust the height of the shelves. Made from wood with a white frame and bevelled design which really gives this display cabinet a quality feel and with everything in the cabinet behind the hinged front door you only need dust the cabinet not all the precious things inside.