• Butterfly Rug - Large

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    A pink coloured large floor rug with a butterfly design on the rug, the pink rug is tufted for a softer and warmer feel and ideal for the children's bedroom where a large rug on the floor would brighten up the room especially if your renting and can't change the carpets and want your little girls room to feel more like that of a little girl and less impersonal.

    Use the large floor rug in the hall where its nice for the children to put their shoes on whilst sitting on a warm rug and perfect if you have a wooden or tiled floor that gets very cold, if your floor or carpet is damaged or worn then a large rug is a great way to hide the damage or spillage and no one will be any the wiser, a large rug on the floor will help keep a room warm too as the heat won't be lost through the cold floor.