• Daisy Chain Rug

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    A turquoise (blue/green) coloured floor rug with a tufted surface and white petal daisy flowers with purple, red, blue and pink flower heads, use the rug in a girls room to put on the floor next to the bed so that when she wakes and pouts her warm feet onto the floor they stay warm and soft on a comforting rug rather than on the cold hard floor.

    Use the rug in the hallway so children can put their shoes on whilst sitting or kneeling on a warm and soft rug, its a lot nicer to put your shoes on whilst sitting on a rug than sitting on a cold or hard floor or use the rug in any room of the house where you wish you had a nicer carpet as this beautiful flower rug will give a new lease of life into a carpet especially if your covering up stains or worn areas on a carpet in a rented house that you can't change.