• Genius 'SurroundSafe' Trampoline - 10ft

    Genius 'SurroundSafe' Trampoline - 10ft Buy Now at Amazon

    A round trampoline that's ten feet in diameter and has black coloured netting, the trampoline comes with a metal trampoline ladder for climbing up into the trampoline as well as an all weather cover to cover up the trampoline and leave it outside over the winter months when its not being used, also included is a shoe rack which attaches to the side of the trampoline and holds everyone's shoes whilst they are jumping on the trampoline.

    This is one of the safest trampolines available as the trampoline has a netting wall on the inside of the trampoline, this netting wall is between you and any of the metal parts of the trampoline like the springs and the poles so you can hurt yourself as if you fall over on the side of the trampoline the strong wall netting will catch you so you can't fall on anything hard.