• London Town Wall Shelf

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    A bookshelf that can be screwed to the wall or used on the tabletop, the bookshelf has both a bottom and sides (bookends) so books can't fall off, there's a shelf in the middle so you have two rows for books or toys with the top shelf space being open top so there's plenty of room for tall children's books which usually wouldn't fit on a bookshelf.

    The bookshelf is made fro wood and white in colour and has lovely prints of London on the sides and inside, on both sides is a big red London bus and on the inside is a black London taxi cab what looks like driving along the bottom shelf and a red London double decker bus driving along the lower shelf too, on the upper shelf is a black London taxi cab driving along the shelf and the blue printed background behind these scenes shows Saint Paul's Cathedral, Big Ben, the London Eye and the Gherkin building.