• Sweet Dreams Duvet Cover Set

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    A duvet cover, pillow case and cushion set for a girls bed, the pillow case is white in colour with a pink ribbon on the side and the cushion is white with pink frills around the edge and appliquéd lettering that spells dream, the fabric used for the appliqué lettering is pastel shades of green, blue, pink, red and yellow in colour, the duvet cover is white in colour with a thick pink border and appliquéd lettering in pastel shades that spells sweet dreams, the colour of the appliqué fabric is pink, yellow, blue and green.

    The appliqué fabric is much nicer than any duvet print could ever be move your hand along the cushion or duvet cover and feel the different fabrics under your fingers that have been separately sewed onto the cushion and duvet case its these separate fabrics painstakingly sewn on that is the appliqué design.